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Automotive parts manufacturer turbocharges maintenance with Mainsaver CMMS

Spidex Software is delighted to announce that global automotive components manufacturer Unipart Powertrain Applications has selected Mainsaver CMMS to support a best-practice maintenance programme at its UK manufacturing facility.

The company is a Tier 1 supplier to household-name automotive OEMs such as Jaguar Land Rover. Their production site manufactures a wide range of high-specification components associated with vehicle exhaust and fuel systems.

The company’s Maintenance Group Leader led the project team which evaluated competing CMMS offerings. “Mainsaver impressed us pretty much from the outset and it’s great to have it finally in place” he says.

“As a department, there were a number of areas in which the information available to us was not detailed enough. With Mainsaver we expect to be have greater quantities of more accurate data, with which to report back to the business on our activities and then drive improvement.”

As in many maintenance departments, jobs were previously requested and recorded manually. Work requests were phoned through to the maintenance office, logged and then written up on a board, to be allocated to an engineer when one became available.

“That works fine as a system for our own department,” explains the CMMS project lead “but there’s no wider visibility for those who’ve requested the work, or any performance information for senior managers. Our plan, when fully up and running, is to have data from Mainsaver deployed on flat-screens in the office and throughout the production area so that everyone has full visibility of what’s going on.”

Ultimately, production operatives will be able to raise work requests directly from the factory floor with just a few mouse-clicks, using a custom-built interface that shows each plant item’s location on a graphical layout of the production area.
The anticipated process improvements don’t end at day-to-day work order management however.

“We plan to use Mainsaver to improve in a number of other areas. We want to increase the percentage of planned maintenance work we carry out. We expect to see improved management of our stores and inventory. The quality of maintenance data will stand us in even better stead for customer audits. We see a great deal of benefit happening as a result of this project.”

Spidex Managing Director Jonathan Starling commented “We are all very excited to be working with such a well-known and highly-respected manufacturer and look forward to a long and happy partnership.”

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