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Bespak team wins award for Mainsaver CMMS implementation

A project team responsible for the implementation of Mainsaver CMMS at Bespak, a leading developer and manufacturer of medical devices, has won the company’s prestigious “CEO Award for Outstanding Contribution” in recognition of their efforts.

Bespak’s CEO Award is a cash prize presented each year to an individual or group considered to have gone ‘above and beyond’ to facilitate improvement within the company. The award is presented at the company’s annual Town Hall meeting, for which the plant at King’s Lynn closes for a half-day in order that every employee can attend.

The award citation congratulated the six-strong team for its “commitment to design, build, validate and install the Asset Management and Computerised Maintenance Management System.”

Prior to Bespak’s selection of Mainsaver, maintenance activity at the site was recorded and planned using a variety of manual methods. While these were well managed, such systems of working are often time-consuming to work with and administer.

Manufacturing engineer Antony Culy recalls: “We have 8 separate buildings here, and each one had its own dedicated PM spreadsheet. Fine in itself, but there was no easy way of cross-referencing or comparing maintenance activity between locations.”

“Each plant asset then had its own ‘history card’ which contained notes of breakdowns and other maintenance activity which, for compliance purposes, have to be stored for 7 years. That’s a lot of material to sort through if you need to locate the details of a specific event.”

It was Bespak’s Technical Manager James Crussell who initiated the pilot study (using a trial software package) to test whether CMMS could be used to support further improvement in efficiency and compliance. At the end of the exercise the evidence indicated that it could, and on that basis, Crussell was able to secure approval for Bespak to go out to market. A detailed requirement specification was assembled and, following a comprehensive assessment of competing CMMS offerings, Spidex’s Mainsaver suite was eventually selected as the best fit.

Next to join Culy on the CMMS project team was Tom Oakes, who carried out the required program of validation work on Spidex’s software to ensure its compliance within the rigorous regulatory framework that supports the manufacture of medicines and medical devices. He was particularly impressed with the SpidexWM web maintenance module; “It’s portable and straightforward to navigate. Users can access a great deal of information whatever their level of expertise.” he says.

The CMMS project team was completed with the addition of a technician, 2 engineers and an administrator. An implementation consultant from Spidex was also on hand to help guide progress following installation of the CMMS through a building-by-building rollout of the software and onward to full go-live.

Post-implementation, some immediate benefits have been noted. These have included an improved adherence to the PM schedule and more detailed plant failure data, leading to better sharing of knowledge and best practice between the maintenance teams.

Over the longer term, tangible cost savings are anticipated by using CMMS data to identify recurring issues and by remediating them, extending asset life.

Project Lead Tom Oakes says, “Just to be nominated for the CEO Award was a very big deal for the team, but to actually win it says a lot about what we have been able to accomplish.”

“Looking ahead, we expect to expand deployment of Mainsaver in a variety of ways. We’d like to start logging maintenance work on our roster of Facilities assets. We are looking to expand usage of certain Mainsaver modules – Calibration for example – into other departments and eventually roll the CMMS out to our satellite plant. We have big plans.”

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