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Fresh Linen has maintenance covered with Mainsaver CMMS

Spidex Software has announced that Fresh Linen, a leading provider of managed linen services for hotels and restaurants, has selected Mainsaver CMMS.

Fresh Linen is based in Clacton, Essex. Its operational site has four separate buildings, each one housing a substantial inventory of large-scale industrial washing and drying equipment, maintained by a team of 12 engineers.

Previously, the company recorded its maintenance activities manually. When Engineering Manager Neil Daines was appointed earlier this year, he was fully aware of the limitations of ‘paper-based’ regimes and had already decided to go down the CMMS route.

“My principal objective was to get more departmental visibility” he says. “The problem with recording things on paper is that you don’t really have a central point of information where details of current, upcoming and overdue maintenance jobs can be accessed. It’s also very important that we are able to report our performance to senior management, but that data is difficult and time-consuming to collate from manual sources.”

Neil Daines carried out some research into UK providers of CMMS and invited a number of them to demonstrate their products. One of these was Spidex, and having been impressed by their introductory online live overview of Mainsaver, Daines requested a more detailed demonstration at Head Office. From there, Fresh Linen’s selection team unanimously assessed Mainsaver to be the best fit with the company’s strategic objectives.

The implementation project is now under way, beginning with plant data collection, installation and user training. Neil Daines is already looking to the future.

“Once Mainsaver is fully in place, we can start addressing a number of our other objectives” he says. “For example, we want production personnel to be logging work requests directly into the CMMS rather than looking around for a technician. We want our engineers to be equipped for mobile working so they aren’t tied to a desk. And like most maintenance teams, we want to be carrying out a greater proportion of planned work and doing less firefighting.”

Spidex Managing Director Jonathan Starling commented “We are delighted to welcome Fresh Linen as a customer. This project is further evidence that our CMMS offering is versatile enough to suit every type of operating environment and we are looking forward to a very happy and productive working relationship.”

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