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Latest version of Spidex Mobile CMMS released

Spidex Software has announced the latest release of its Spidex Mobile CMMS, the popular maintenance app for managing asset care on large industrial facilities and estates.

Cost-effective and easy to use on any Android device, Spidex Mobile CMMS enables the maintenance team to concentrate on its core functions without losing time to non-productive admin tasks.

Using the Spidex Mobile app, maintenance engineers can:

• Access the list of jobs assigned to them that day
• Edit and review work orders
• Add new work orders ‘on the fly’ as required
• Take photos of the repair site and add to work order as references
• Use Dynamic Risk Assessment to ensure each task is safe to proceed
• Complete post-task checklists for formal handover back to Production

Spidex Managing Director Jonathan Starling commented: “There are so many advantages to deploying a mobile CMMS.”

“Engineers don’t have to keep returning to the office to pick up and return job sheets. The details of each service or repair can be logged immediately, ensuring better accuracy. Your team will be moving to real-time working, with task lists and work durations automatically updated on the device. Pre-work checklists help ensure that the engineers are working safely.”

“This latest release of Spidex Mobile CMMS is another exciting milestone in the ongoing evolution of our asset care and maintenance suite. Spidex’s software solutions fully support our customers on the path to best-practice maintenance.”

Spidex has award-winning products, tried and tested implementation methods and dedicated after-sales support. We’ll support you every step of the way.