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New government guidelines recommend DataSabre-type systems

The latest edition of the UK government’s Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 04-01 “Safe water in healthcare premises” actively recommends the use of electronic data management systems like Spidex’s DataSabre software to facilitate best-practice analysis of water sample and test data.

The new guidelines, released on 20th May 2016, state the following (para 6.74):

“Given the amount of data that must be managed to facilitate the effective management of large and complex water systems, it is recommended that electronic data management tools be utilised to facilitate the intelligent use of data, for the Water Safety Group to easily monitor trends and analyse chemical and microbiological parameters.”

Spidex’s DataSabre water testing management software is just such a system, and is already used by a number of NHS Trusts in the UK to support best-practice testing programmes for microbial strains such as legionella and pseudomonas, as prescribed by HTM 04-01.

“The important phrase in paragraph 6.74 is “intelligent use of data” says Spidex MD Jonathan Starling “which is the logical step forward from using spreadsheets to store test results, as many healthcare facilities still do.”

“The problem is, no matter how well-managed a spreadsheet-based system is, extracting useable information from it becomes increasingly time-consuming and burdensome over time as more results are added.”

“DataSabre handles large quantities of test data with ease as you would expect, but the important difference is, it provides the tools with which to carry out detailed comparative analysis of that data.”

“This means that you can quickly identify existing issues in order to deal with them, measure the effectiveness of different remedial actions, and then use statistical trends to flag up potential problems so that they can be avoided. And all while maintaining a water testing program that is compliant within the required regulatory frameworks.”

The complete HTM 04-01 document can be viewed here.

For more information on DataSabre, go to www.datasabre.co.uk.

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