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Spidex Software announces major new release, SpidexWM 4.0

Spidex Software has announced the release of SpidexWM 4.0, the latest version of its widely-implemented web-based module for managing asset care and engineering maintenance. The new version of SpidexWM has benefited from a host of technical enhancements and further improvements to general user experience. Some of the principal changes are:

Mainsaver 12.6 compatibility: the new version of SpidexWM is designed to operate fully alongside the recently-released Mainsaver 12.6. Upgrades to all combined Mainsaver/Spidex WM installations are available immediately.

Multi-plant functionality: the new module offers a ‘multiple-database’ facility for customers with plant assets at more than one location, who wish to compare performance between different sites centrally.

New user interface: enhancements have been made to SpidexWM user screens so that they are now even more straightforward for operators to navigate, enter data and look up day-to-day information.

Downtime tracking: for customers wishing to monitor and measure machine downtime, an automatic ‘stopwatch’ can be set to start as soon as the associated work order is raised in SpidexWM.

Work order scheduling: maintenance work orders can now be allocated and scheduled in SpidexWM immediately upon creation.

Commenting on the new release, Spidex Managing Director Jonathan Starling commented “4.0 is another superb forward stride in the evolution of SpidexWM. This is a significant new release that will immediately benefit our valued CMMS customer base.”

SpidexWM 4.0 operates alongside Mainsaver CMMS versions 11.6.100/200 and 12.6 on SQL and Oracle database platforms. Supported browsers: Firefox (20+) Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer (9, 10 and 11), Chrome (46+) and Opera Classic/Chrome on selected Android devices. Full release notes for SpidexWM 4.0 can be accessed in the Customer Resource Library at https://spidexsoftware.co.uk/customers (login required.)

To arrange a demonstration of SpidexWM 4.0 or to discuss an upgrade to your existing version, please contact Spidex on 0844 324 9190 or info@spidex.co.uk

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