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Spidex switches to solar energy

Spidex Software has installed a rooftop solar panel array at its offices in Coleshill, Warwickshire. The installation, completed earlier this month, is now delivering clean, inexpensive, emission-free power to the building.

As a software supplier and developer, Spidex has a substantial inventory of IT hardware, and the resultant energy bill represented a significant annual cost to the business. The company started looking at solar energy as a means of reducing those energy bills, as well as lessening its environmental footprint.

2018’s scorching summer months presented a great opportunity to go out to market and evaluate potential suppliers. After a detailed comparison exercise, Spidex appointed Greenway Energy Ltd to carry out the installation.

“Greenway came to us highly recommended” says Spidex Managing Director Jonathan Starling. “We personally knew of domestic solar installations that they had carried out, so we were confident we’d made the right choice.”

Following site surveys and remedial works to the building’s roof tiles, the 40-panel array was installed over a period of a few days in September.

Steve Belfield of Greenway Energy says: “This 10.4Kw installation provides Spidex with 50% to 60% energy savings secured for the next 25 years. In addition, Spidex will be paid for producing their own green energy and also for any energy they do not use, which will be fed back into the local distribution grid.”

Jonathan Starling commented: “We’re delighted with the results. We anticipate that our solar panel installation will deliver full return on investment inside a very workable timeframe, while saving more than four tonnes of CO2 emissions every single year. That’s good for Spidex and it’s good for the planet.”

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