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Tennent Caledonian Brewery defy Coronavirus and go live with Mainsaver CMMS

Spidex Software is delighted to announce that the Tennent Caledonian Brewery has taken their newly implemented Mainsaver CMMS live despite the additional pressures of Covid 19. Mainsaver replaces an older API PRO version and will support improved maintenance management processes at the historic Wellpark brewery in Glasgow. Employing 300 people the brewery produces the iconic Tennent’s Lager and Caledonian Best as well as a number of supermarket beers.

“There were two key factors that led to the selection of Mainsaver” says Project Manager, Mike Taylor “I had previous experience of working with Spidex and had a good understanding of what I wanted to deliver following my move to the brewery. Firstly it needed to be simple to use and remove all of the unnecessary paperwork and manual data correcting that was happening” – this was managed via the Spidex Web Module enabling users to navigate through tailored and personalised screens to identify the correct asset and work.

“Secondly” – Mike continues “we had been struggling with many man hours spent on a weekly and monthly basis duplicating information between API PRO and our ERP system, JD Edwards, around stock control and costings. It was critical that we removed this completely through a seamless integration. Spidex were able to prove their capability through a site visit to one of their customers, A.G. Barr plc, who run a very similar set up.”

With the system now up and running the engineering team are already pushing to make improvements in other areas. The first area reviewed was the management and issuing of permits to both Tennent’s engineers and contractors to assist with the management of higher risk activities. Following evaluation of the Spidex EPRAIS Permit to Work software, Euan Kelly – Brewing Maintenance Manager, has started a project to replace paper-based systems across the site. “With the CMMS up and running and our teams completing dynamic risk assessments as they start each job we need to close the loop electronically and come away from a separate paper system, with the direct link between EPRAIS and Mainsaver’s work order management we can make this straightforward and give visibility to everyone as to what is going on.” says Euan – More to follow here as the team go live with EPRAIS.


A trial has also started to assess the fit of the Mainsaver mobile application. Across the 15-acre site the 25+ strong engineering team need to cover every nook and cranny and losing time trying to find a PC or a connection from a tablet is costly. The app will allow the users to take work with them, update it as they go and then synchronise back when they return, greatly improving the efficiency.

Spidex Managing Director Jonathan Starling commented: “It is an absolute pleasure to be working with Tennent Caledonian Brewery, they have worked hard through lockdown to make sure the project was successful and have shown their commitment to making real change. They bring another celebrated Scottish super-brand to the Spidex community joining AG Barr (Irn-Bru), Highland Spring and Strathmore Water, which we are extremely proud of.”

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