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Weetabix hosts Mainsaver CMMS customer workshop

Spidex customers from across the UK gathered this week to attend a free workshop at which the very latest versions of Mainsaver CMMS and SpidexWM were demonstrated. The event was held at the Burton Latimer production plant of long-time Mainsaver users Weetabix.

Delegates at the workshop included representatives from a range of industries, including nuclear decommissioning, food processing, scientific research, waste recycling and medical device manufacturing.

A temporary closure of the southbound M6 following a lorry fire caused a slight delay to the start of proceedings but during the wait for latecomers, host for the day Andy Dyche gave attendees an unexpected bonus with an impromptu talk describing how he deploys Mainsaver to support delivery of the Weetabix Asset Care Programme for which he is responsible.

Spidex’s Professional Services Director Pete Jordan then introduced the key new features in the most recent versions of Mainsaver CMMS, up to and including the very latest release, v.12.9. Delegates on older versions were particularly impressed with the completely revamped user-configurable home-screen now available.

The new Asset Dashboard, which gives a complete overview of a plant item’s work order history, spare parts usage, scheduled PMs and downtime events on a single screen also caused a stir. The improved security settings to restrict access to (or remove altogether) potentially sensitive employee information in Mainsaver’s System Administration module were seen as especially relevant in the post-GDPR era.

The next product to be shown was the latest version of SpidexWM v.4.2. Once again, it was the completely redesigned user interface that drew admiring comments. The new home screen dashboard can be configured to reflect precisely the day-to-day requirements of individual users or groups, using a range of composite elements from simple work-order lists to real-time KPI charts.

Following the software demonstrations, the attendees undertook a guided tour of one of the Burton Latimer factory’s production areas. There, decked out from head to toe in the requisite PPE, they could observe the various manufacturing processes that together create Weetabix’s iconic breakfast cereal. As a final treat, each delegate travelled home in possession of a large ‘goody-bag’ full of Weetabix products.

Commenting on the workshop afterwards, Pete Jordan said “It’s always an enjoyable exercise to invite a group of customers from different industries together, and today has been no exception. The feedback on the new releases has been extremely positive and we are grateful to Andy Dyche and Weetabix for putting on a great day.”

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