Best-practice preventative maintenance

Ginsters is a household-name manufacturer of pasties and other savoury baked products, part of the Samworth Brothers group.




Food manufacturing


Ginsters had an old legacy CMMS which was difficult for staff to use and wasn’t giving the Engineering Manager the information he needed, particularly in relation to spare parts usage and cost of maintenance.


Ginsters selected Mainsaver CMMS from Spidex.


The installation phase introduced Mainsaver, SpidexWM, SpidexBI and a bespoke software interface to the group ERP/Finance software System21. The interface passed details of purchase requisitions from Maintenance directly into the company’s main accounting system.


The CMMS project was designed to support a number of key objectives. Central to these was better ability to demonstrate due diligence in audits. When auditors arrive on site, they expect to be able to see the maintenance history of any item of plant in the factory, so the creation of a comprehensive asset database and associated PM schedules was the first stage.


Another key objective was ensuring that the optimum PM activity was being carried out. Modern food manufacturing facilities often run 24 hours a day and Ginsters is no exception. For the maintenance team, this leaves precious few windows of opportunity to carry out PMs, so the implementation was geared towards ensuring that at such times, the right work was being carried out on the right equipment.


All the information required to satisfy the exacting requirements of a customer audit is now available in Mainsaver at the click of a mouse. The PM programme has been honed and modified by detailed fault/cause analysis and use of KPIs such as Mean Time Between Failure. A wider benefit has been increased co-operation between engineering and production because maintenance information can be viewed by everyone.

“We selected Spidex because they were able to offer a beginning-to- end delivery. A well-equipped and easy-to- use CMMS, a real-time reporting module, a proven ERP interface and an experienced implementation team with an excellent track record.”

Steve Arthur
Engineering Manager

Next steps

Following the success of the Mainsaver CMMS implementation, Mainsaver CMMS was rolled out to three additional factories in the Samworth Brothers group.

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