Return on CMMS investment within six months

Huntapac is a long-established, high-volume supplier of packaged vegetables to supermarket chains, wholesalers, caterers and food-service operations.




Food manufacturing


In an audit carried out by a major retail customer, Huntapac was criticised for its manually-recorded preventative maintenance regime and for its management of engineering spare parts.


Huntapac selected Mainsaver CMMS to support improved practices in its management of plant maintenance.


Following installation of Mainsaver, the implementation team first created a database of the company’s machinery assets and assigned new preventative maintenance schedules against each one. They also logged the entire spare parts inventory to keep track of on-hand quantities and associated costs.


The system was then made available to engineers and production staff by loading Mainsaver onto touchscreen PCs housed in stainless steel kiosks in the engineering workshop and out in the production area. Any member of staff was thereby able to report engineering faults and even suggest modifications to production equipment.


Although the initial purpose of the project was to demonstrate better management of PMs and spare parts to auditors, the fault-reporting and subsequent root-cause analysis meant that Huntapac practically eliminated instances of large-scale production stoppage which had been a regular occurrence previously.

“The most important factor for me is that we now have a sense of control. Previously we were inclined to rely on gut feeling if we needed make a decision on maintenance costs – now we have all the information we need for that type of discussion at hand.”

Warren Hunter
Managing Director, Huntapac.

Next steps

Following the success of the Mainsaver CMMS implementation, Huntapac subsequently installed Spidex’s health & safety software EPRAIS to manage and audit risk assessments and work permits for its engineers and contractors.

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