From no system to a full CMMS

Princes Gate, part of the Nestlé group since 2018, is a leading producer and manufacturer of 300ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1.5L still, sparkling and flavoured bottled water sold in various outlets in the whole UK.


Princes Gate


Water production


Princes Gate, a prominent player in the water production industry, found itself in need of a comprehensive maintenance management system to streamline its operations. As part of Nestle’s acquisition in 2018, significant investments were made to enhance production, necessitating the implementation of maintenance KPIs. Facing challenges with manual methods of maintenance tracking and reporting, Princes Gate sought a robust solution to meet its evolving needs.


  • Lack of structured maintenance recording and prioritisation methods
  • Reliance on memory for work order prioritisation
  • Paper-based maintenance records and documentation
  • Inefficient stock management practices posed challenges for budget control


Princes Gate embarked on the implementation of the Spidex CMMS with clear objectives in mind:

  • Transition from paper-based systems to digital maintenance management
  • Establishing efficient tracking of maintenance tasks and KPIs
  • Comprehensive documentation of breakdowns and maintenance history
  • Improved budget control through enhanced stock management


The implementation process commenced with meticulous planning and collaboration between Princes Gate and Spidex. Despite resource constraints and the transition from manual to digital systems, the project progressed steadily, with key modules going live within months.

What software were implemented at Princes Gate?

Mainsaver, Spidex WM (Web Maintenance), Spidex BI (Business Intelligence) and Spidex IA (Intelligent Alerts).

Solutions & Results

Spidex worked closely with Princes Gate to address various challenges, facilitating data gathering amidst increasing production demands and customising naming conventions, asset structures, and reporting mechanisms. The company received on-site support crucial, for the successful adoption of the new system.

The implementation of Spidex CMMS yielded significant benefits for Princes Gate, including:

  • Streamlined maintenance logging and tracking through tablet-based solutions
  • Real-time updates on work orders for enhanced accuracy
  • Efficient completion of preventive maintenance tasks, with a focus on reducing downtime
  • Improved visibility and control over inventory management and spending
  • Data-driven insights enabling proactive maintenance strategies and cost savings

“The products have delivered exactly what we were looking for and the support we’ve received from Spidex was above and beyond expectations! To be able to go from no system with minimal documented information to a full CMMS utilising breakdown reporting, PM management, stock control and purchasing with an interface into Sage200 in just over 6 months was ambitious and a testament to how well structured the project implementation plan has been. Now that the system is being fully utilised, the benefit is being fully realised throughout the business which will only drive further improvement.”

Rhiannon Gallacher
Maintenance Manager

Next steps

Princes Gate is committed to further integrating its maintenance management with other systems and enhancing operational efficiencies, including the integration of the Q-Pulse system for streamlined document access and continued improvement in inventory management processes. Leveraging data analytics for predictive maintenance planning is also a key focus area for the near future at Princes Gate.

Spidex has award-winning products, tried and tested implementation methods and dedicated after-sales support. We’ll support you every step of the way.

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