Mainsaver ease of use maintains business continuity

Suez is a recycling and resource management provider that operates from more than 300 locations around the UK and employs 5500 people.


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Waste Management


Suez’s Energy-from-Waste plant at Billingham (Teesside) has to provide its public-sector customers with an uninterrupted waste disposal service while ensuring that the entire operation meets stringent compliance standards.


Prior to Mainsaver’s implementation, the engineering maintenance workload at the site was managed using paper job sheets, a system which, however finely tuned, naturally carries with it an additional administrative burden. Paper printouts are very easy to work with however, so it was important that when Mainsaver was selected as the site’s CMMS that the implementation didn’t simply replace one problem with another.


The team of engineers took to Mainsaver immediately, finding it very straightforward to operate. Each of the principal engineering disciplines at the site – electrical, mechanical and instrumentation – were provided with their own workshop PC terminals at which the technicians had immediate access to their daily work schedule.


This ready adoption of the CMMS was extremely important because the Billingham plant receives household waste from a number of nearby local authorities. A major downtime event would cause enormous knock-on problems elsewhere in the region, so the transition from paper to computer had to be seamless.


Another significant factor is compliance. Waste processing sites are subject to regular detailed inspections by the Environment Agency to ensure that all the required processes are being maintained. Passing these audits requires a rigorous level of record-keeping to satisfy the inspectors, which is exactly what Mainsaver is designed to do.


The fact that engineers were able to get to grips with Mainsaver so quickly meant that there were no attributable downtime events following implementation. Subsequent audits have centred on data held centrally in Mainsaver rather than trawling through months of paper records.

“Mainsaver is so easy to use. Everyone here can very quickly find the historical information they need, enter new data and raise work requests.”

Trevor Gowland
EfW Planning Manager

Next steps

Having been proven at Billingham, Mainsaver was subsequently rolled out to a further eight Suez Energy-from-Waste plants and a number of their Materials Recycling facilities.

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