What we do

Maintenance is the most important job in industry. Without effective maintenance, any organisation will be less productive, less profitable, less compliant and less safe.

If you are interested in finding out how to improve your maintenance processes by acquiring a CMMS, here’s what we’ll do to help you.


When you contact us to discuss why you’re looking to evaluate CMMS, we’ll give you an honest assessment of what our system can do to support your objectives. We use straightforward language and we give straight answers.

If we can’t help with what you’re looking to achieve, we’ll tell you that too.

Project scope

If you like what you hear, we’ll come to site and show you exactly how our CMMS works and demonstrate each individual function that should meet your requirements.

Want to move forward? We’ll then set out in a written proposal the software modules and schedule of installation works that reflects exactly what’s been discussed and what you’ve already seen.

Jonathan Starling

Managing Director jonathan.starling@spidex.co.uk


Once you have selected our CMMS, a Spidex project manager with an engineering background will assist you all the way from system set-up and user training right through to go-live day.

Spidex has a tried-and-tested implementation methodology that is proven to be effective in organisations of all types and sizes. More than simply installing software, it’s providing you with the means to foster a culture of improvement.

Pete Jordan

Professional Services Director pete.jordan@spidex.co.uk

Aftersales support

The Spidex CMMS helpdesk is situated right in the middle of our offices. If you require day-to-day assistance or advice, your support personnel are just a phone call away.

Our in-house technical team also offers interface-building, bespoke report-writing and system customisations as well as advice on licensing, additional modules and rollouts to other departments and sites.

James Scott

Technical Delivery Manager james.scott@spidex.co.uk

Next steps

As a Spidex customer you will have access to each new software release. Ongoing in-house product development and a comprehensive QA regime ensure that our software suite remains at the leading edge.

Through our customer communications programme, you will also be kept fully informed of upcoming releases, refresher training courses and customer events such as seminars, conferences and user groups.

When you become a Spidex customer, it’s Spidex you deal with at every step. No sub-contractors, no third parties, no offshore call centres, no excuses.

Claire Copeland

Head of Development claire.copeland@spidex.co.uk


  • Following completion of a Spidex CMMS project, our customers typically report that they are better organised, have improved plant & asset information, are working more efficiently and have reduced their cost of maintenance.


  • They say their workplace is safer and the organisation has improved its performance in audits.


  • ‘Softer’ benefits like boosted employee morale, greater inter-departmental co-operation and improved reporting to senior management are also much in evidence.


  • Above all, the principal reported outcome is that a culture of continuous improvement has been established, providing a foundation for future individual and collective development.

Looking for CMMS? We can help you.

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